We understand that finding the right company for the job is sometimes daunting. Thats why we have provided a thorough list of detailed frequently asked questions. We have answered them in the best way possible to inform you on what exactly we can do for you. If you have any other questions that are not in the list below, feel free to give us a ring or fill out the customer support form and we’ll get back to you promptly.

We service and repair all brands in the market.

Please fill out a price request form and one of our team will contact you with pricing.

We allow 45 minutes for our technicians to service your system and 15 minutes of paperwork and writing your report. (Any issues Picked up by our technicians that get approved by the customer may be more time on top) but this will not happen without customer approval.

Yes, simply fill out a request form stating you want a quote.

We accept Cash, Visa or Mastercard (We do not accept American Express or Diners club). Once payment has been made, a written report and invoice will be emailed to you after our office processes it.

Of course, we understand people are busy. We will work around our customers to find a time that suits you best. These details can be filled out in a request form.

Here at BlitzAir we supply a 6 month warranty on all service work carried out, although this is only on parts that have been replaced brand new. We do not cover warranty on old and used parts and equipment as it is beyond our control if further parts in an aged unit may malfunction after a visit. We will endeavor to pick up on issues that we can see occurring and quote for repairs.

The simple answer is Yes, by servicing your system regularly you can cut you bills dramatically. Not only will this help your bills but it has been widely proven to extend the life of your system.

There is a myth to the public that refrigerated air conditioning systems must be re-gassed, this is not true. The refrigerated system is a sealed system and only requires re-gassing if there has been a leak. But before this happens a leak must be found and repaired before putting more gas in.

Don’t stress, we can offer great pricing for a removal and replace your old system with a new unit and a brand new 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Its too hard to put an exact number on the life expectancy of your system, but the average expectancy is around 10 years.

We aim to be within the next two business days but obviously this can be affected in peak seasons.

Yes, of course. If you are doing a renovation or simply don’t like where your unit sits. We can happily relocate for you, simply fill out a request form and we will be in contact with you.

Everything depends on the individual, although the recommended optimum energy efficient setpoint is between 21 & 22 degrees.

Simply cleaning your filters is a great step for every homeowner to save on energy costs and look after the system. You can find the filters on a wall split system under the front cover. For a ducted you will have a return air grill somewhere central in your house that you can remove the filter and either vacuum or wash.

We recommend a 6 monthly seasonal service, just like your car without regular maintenance it will fail on you. There is nothing worse than a sitting on the side of a freeway in your broken down car due to not getting it serviced, this applies for your A/C as well. Don’t get to the first 40 degree day and have to swelter in the heat waiting for our technicians to arrive, Be as pro active as possible.
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